27 inch HD Widescreen (16:9) LCD TV


Delivering exceptional image quality, styling, performance and value.


27 inch HD-ready Widescreen (16:9) LCD TV

Analog TV reception is provided via a built-in NTSC tuner

1280 x 768 maximum resolution with 600:1 contrast ratio and 550 cd/m

Component video input delivers sharp color reproduction from
video sources

VGA cable for PC connectivity

Trilingual (English, French, Spanish) on-screen menus with auto channel programming, convenient sleep timer and favorite channels feature

Wide 170° horizontal and vertical viewing angles

Norcent 27" Wide Screen Flat-Panel LCD HDTV** (LT2720)

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One Response to 27 inch HD Widescreen (16:9) LCD TV

  1. jerry 說道:

    呢部米是我今日买嘅27吋LCD-TV 哈哈~~睇下我点用拒,只不过罗黎做电脑个显示器~以前个19吋,正在想如何处掉~~



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